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Channing Tatum Before he was one of Hollywood's biggest actors, Channing Tatum was a male stripper under the name "Chan Crawford." Okay, so he didn't star in porn. But, did you know "Magic Mike" was loosely based on his stripper life? Now you do. 

You may recall that I interviewed her once before , just as her cinematic star was rising. While that was a bit sillier, this time I will focus on hard-hitting internet journalism. Buckle yourself in for a wild orgy of hot, nude information!

In January 2011, Lubben released a rap/hip hop album with the proceeds going to the Pink Cross Foundation to help women and men recover from porn. The first single, titled "Killer Fantasy", features the message of a porn star speaking to the porn fan about the truth behind the adult industry. [31]

Arnold Schwarzenegger : Oh no, the Terminator too! The man who is in charge of an entire state was a porn artist once upon a time.  Well, before Arnold was a governor and a Hollywood actor and aN Austrian winner of Mr Olympia 1970, Arnold posed for several pornographic shots for a gay magazine. Even though Arnie has claimed that it was all ‘art’, we don’t quite think so.

Prior to the launch of her website, Mindy’s fan base had already exploded. We shared the feedback we received with her, using it to inflate her ego and prod her along. She clearly believed that she was going to become a celebrity.





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