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Double-bagging Gone Awry
An Iowa Wal-Mart greeter gave customers a little lagniappe when he handed out pictures of himself naked, save for a Wal-Mart bag strapped to his Tom Johnson. Dean Wooten said it was all a joke, sir—he was only lampooning the company’s supposed “new uniforms.” Told by bosses to stop, he kept on flashing by proxy–and got canned. On the upside, he was able to walk out with his dignity intact, having lost it by taking the job in the first place.

South Carolina Jazz Festival
The state’s Jazz Festival is held in jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie’s historic hometown of Cheraw yearly in October. The festival fuses the soulful sounds with the rich heritage of great jazz making this three day celebration a great time of exposure to a genre of incredible music. Performances include the legendary as well as rising star jazz artists. Check back often for the current lineup and updated schedule of events.

We are a firewall standing between liberty and the tyranny of a corporatist and monopolist system that is diabolically opposed to freedom and the free market, especially when it comes to media and the unrestricted flow of information.

In response to years of lobbying from users and LGBT groups to eliminate discrimination, the online social networking service Facebook , in February 2014, widened its choice of gender variants for users. [27] [28] In June 2015, after the US Supreme Court verdict granting equal marriage rights, Facebook introduced a filter allowing users to color their profile pictures rainbow in celebration of LGBT equality. [29]

Alt porn websites are often distinguished by their use of message boards , blogs , social networking , and other features of online community , encouraging participation by both models and viewers. While these features are not exclusive to alt porn sites, their inclusion stands in stark contrast to the standard operating procedures adopted by more typical porn sites , which tend to feature more or less anonymous models who are viewed by anonymous visitors. [ citation needed ]





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